Social distancing and its effects in how we think, live and do Church

In these days when many thing are being shaken inside and outside the Church, a valid question arises in hearts across the Earth (especially considering how this affects pastors and leaders of congregations that are now banned from gathering in large numbers):

How are we to do church in this time of crisis, and from this moment forward?

Much uncertainty fills the air as the Church is learning to creatively navigate this season, setting in place new ways of gathering online or offline, in groups of no more than 5 or 10.

Housegroups might find this to be a time of refreshing for the Church at large, that is forced to simplify and return to an Acts 2 reality of gathering in private, re-learning to be the Church.

What is a good response in light of this?

Should the Church begin to rethink its strategies? Is the way we’ve done community thus far perhaps a little too enstranged from the lives of its members? Is the Body of Christ now actually beginning to look and feel and function as a body? Is doing life in this context a challenge for many who have been insulating themselves from their local congregations and The Bride at large, feeding off the internet?

All these questions beg for an answer, as we’re leaning in to hear God speak in the midst of this…

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